A Guide to Affiliate Commissions in 2023

The best broker affiliate programs offer a range of affiliate commissions. Good partner programs ensure that affiliate partners choose the perfect commission structure for their individual affiliate business. Most new affiliates opt for CPA (cost per acquisition) deals and then explore other commission plans as they gain experience and develop a better understanding of their traffic.

Partner programs are paying extremely high commissions for quality traffic, and your choice of commission plan will have a significant impact on how much money you earn as an affiliate. It’s important that you understand the different commission plans and how they apply to the unusual market conditions in 2023. If you want to become a top-tier affiliate – and earn a six-figure income – your medium-term goal is to break away from one-time commission payments and establish several passive income streams.



What Are Affiliate Commissions?

Affiliate commissions are financial rewards that partner programs pay their affiliate partners in exchange for referring new traders. Commission deals are agreed upon in advance and are automatically calculated through unique numbered affiliate links. When a trader clicks on your link and arrives at the broker, you can track them via your affiliate dashboard. If they sign up with the broker and become an active trader, you’ll be paid for the referral.

Today Markets Partner has already paid out over $250 million in commissions to its affiliate partners. This is a huge amount of money, and it immediately gives you an insight into the potential profits that you can earn if you have the right commission plan.



Today Markets Partner Commission Plans 2023

Online affiliates at Today Markets Partners currently have a choice of four commission deals. When you become an affiliate with Today Markets Partners, you’re not restricted to a single commission deal. You can negotiate a customised package that suits your affiliate business and the traffic you intend to refer to the program.

  • CPA
  • Dynamic CPA
  • RevShare
  • Master Affiliate.

So you’ve chosen affiliate marketing as a career path, congratulations! You are on your way to a lucrative and rewarding future.

Every affiliate marketer wants to drive traffic and increase conversions, but the name of the game is the commissions. There are several avenues open to you regarding affiliate commissions. These include:

  • CPA or Cost Per Acquisition
  • RevShare

CPA or Cost Per Acquisition is a one-time fee you make when you refer a client to a brokerage. Once you have been paid this fee, that’s it!

The advantage of a CPA is you don’t need to worry about the kind of returns the portfolios make or how often a person trades. Once you have made a commission on the referral, you are done.

RevShare is a commission based on the investments and trading activity of the referral. Your affiliate commissions are based on the amount of revenue the broker makes for the client. And the truth of the matter is you need to make sure your referral is happy and satisfied with the brokerage so that they will continue trading for years to come. RevShare is a percentage of the netspreads or spreads with the bonuses subtracted. Revshare affiliate commissions allow you to be compensated by the transactions and trading activity the client/referral makes, which can mean long-term passive income.

To participate in a RevShare affiliate commission program, you need to be confident that your broker will provide outstanding returns.



Interested in RevShare Affiliate Commissions? Consider This First

If RevShare sounds rewarding and in sync with your long-term goals, here are some things to consider first.



#1 Is The Broker Regulated?

It is essential not only that a broker is regulated, but that the broker holds a license from a highly-respected regulatory body. Not all regulators are created equal. Some are known to have very lenient rules and almost no oversight. Your affiliate commissions may suffer if you do not choose wisely.

Look carefully at a broker’s license before signing up as an affiliate. You will want to ask the following questions:

  • Is the license from a respected regulatory agency?
  • Is the license up-to-date?
  • Does it cover the types of trading and the locations the broker is dealing with?

Also examine reviews and ensure that the broker has mainly positive ratings. Of course, there is a risk that a certain number of reviews are going to be fake, either on the positive and negative side, but if the balance of the feedback overall reflects pleased clients, the broker may be a safe bet.



#2 The Broker is Dedicated to Their Clients and Affiliates!

When you check out the reviews, pay special attention to customer service. It can be noticeable from the outset which brokers make their clients the first priority.

Service is not just essential for the clients you’ll be referring, but also for you as an affiliate marketer. You should feel that you can contact the broker at any time if you have a question or a concern. The affiliate commissions plans and other agreements should be clearly spelled out before you sign any agreement.

A high level of customer service is important if you are considering RevShare. Keep in mind that if you agree to receive a percentage of transactions, clients should be given the support and the tools they need to make profitable trades, and once those trades are made, you as an affiliate must be given the proper tools to track your commissions. Make sure the brokerage you partner with gives you full transparency.



#3 The Broker Provides Affiliates and Clients with Tools for Success

The essence of investing is devoting resources towards a goal and reaping a generous reward. Brokers understand that this principle doesn’t just apply to making trades, but how they treat their clients and affiliates. Giving them tools for success is part of investing in their business.

For instance, Today Markets Partner provides clients with advanced technological solutions, such as trading apps like Today Markets which conveniently brings real-time trading to their fingertips. Clients can also hone their skills with Today Markets built in risk management feature, Today Markets Protect, which allows them to trade while protecting from losses. Not to mention also a demo account, that should prepare traders for the real thing.

Today Markets Partner gives affiliates marketing materials that will attract new visits, leads, clicks, and referrals. It also supports its affiliates so they can perform, bring in referrals and earn outstanding commissions.

These are all essential factors to look for when considering any affiliate commission program—but returning back to our question of which affiliate commission plan to choose, what about CPA plans?



The Advantage of CPA Affiliate Commissions

As discussed above, there are many benefits to RevShare, but also to CPA, or Cost per Acquisition affiliate commissions. It all depends on your objective as an affiliate marketer, your business model, what kind of broker you are partnered with, and the type of clients or referrals you want to attract.

If your aim as an affiliate marketer is simply to create traffic and to convert this traffic into referrals, the CPA affiliate commission program may be the right choice for you. It will free you from having your earnings depend on the performance and trading activity of the referral. This can help you focus on marketing without having to pay too much attention to the brokerage referral relationship and how often your referrals are trading.

Ask yourself the following questions before you decide whether CPA or RevShare is the right affiliate commissions format for you:

  • Do I want to focus on the initial marketing, or am I also interested in continuous trading, which means convincing the person to continually trade?
  • Are the clients/referrals I am referring skilled at trading? Are they likely to make large returns?
  • Does my broker have a proven track record of success for their clients?
  • Do I want to make money directly and promptly for my successful marketing efforts, or am I interested in earning money long-term from the broker’s and trading long term performance?

If the answers to these questions focus mainly on making affiliate commissions directly from signing up leads as referrals, regardless of the long-term performance of the portfolio, it seems that the CPA affiliate commission plan is the ideal choice. If you have an interest in trading and feel that your broker provides excellent returns for clients, perhaps RevShare is best.



Still Can’t Decide? Then go with a program that is flexible!

If you still can’t decide whether you prefer RevShare or CPA for affiliate commissions, choose a broker that provides both. Once you get to know the broker, then you can better determine which plan is right for you. Today Markets Partner, for instance, offers both CPA and RevShare affiliate commission plans, so you can take your time before you reach your final decision.



No Matter What Affiliate Commission Plan You Choose, Keep These Tips in Mind! 

You may prefer the quick profits offered by a CPA program or the longer-term returns from RevShare, but whichever affiliate commission plan you choose, follow these tips:

  • Choose a trusted and credible broker
    It was stated above how choosing a highly regulated broker makes all the difference, but it can’t be emphasized enough. Your success as an affiliate marketer depends in large part on the quality of the broker you are partnering with. If the broker is properly regulated and has a good reputation, it means they can be trusted and are credible. That will reflect on you and will mean more affiliate commission in the long run!
  • Make Sure You Have a Choice
    Selecting a broker, such as Today Markets Partner, that will give you a choice between commission plans gives you flexibility. When you are starting out as an affiliate broker, you may need time to decide which commission plan is right for you. Having options will give you an advantage.
  • Don’t Forget About Technology! 
    Partner with a broker that has advanced technology, such as Today MarketsGO- an innovative mobile trading app, Today Markets Options-the ability to trade also options, and all its other innovative trading platforms that you will not find with other brokerages!



Find an Affiliate Commission Plan That Will Work for You!

The main thing is earning commissions, so choose a plan that will spell success for your affiliate business. Both RevShare and CPA have their respective advantages, so make these benefits work for you and start finding referrals and earring commissions. Talk to Today Markets Partner today about their flexible affiliate commission plans to help you succeed!




Can I Renegotiate my Affiliate Commission Plan?

Yes, Today Markets Partner is always happy to renegotiate affiliate partner commission plans. Every affiliate partner is an individual, and the partner program is flexible and dynamic. All commission plans are incentive-based. Affiliate commission plans are designed to reward affiliates and encourage them to bring as much high-quality traffic as possible. Many affiliates start making money through basic CPA deals. They quickly gain experience and drive better quality, higher volume traffic. It soon makes sense to consider the potential benefits and profits from Hybrid CPA and RevShare. If you’re keen to make high profits, your goal should be to add another income stream as a Master Affiliate!

Why do Non-Regulated Brokers Offer High CPA Deals?

Non-regulated brokers struggle to find reliable, high earning broker affiliate partners. They sometimes offer very high CPA deals to tempt inexperienced online affiliates to sign up for their partner programs. They usually change the terms of the CPA deal after a few months and cite the small print that says it was an ‘introductory offer’. It’s always better to join a partner program like Today Markets Partner that promotes a regulated broker. You can negotiate a lucrative commission plan and earn high commissions on a long-term basis. Today Markets Partner has paid out over $250 million in commissions and has always honoured its commitments to its affiliate partners.

Can First Time Online Affiliates Make Money with Today Markets Partner?

Yes! First time online affiliates can make money with Today Markets Partner. The program welcomes first-timers and offers plenty of support and advice. Absolute beginners could earn high profits during their first month with Today Markets Partner. The program will provide free high converting marketing materials and a private affiliate dashboard so that you can track your traffic. If you want to make money as a first-time online affiliate, the most important thing is just to get started. If you have ambition and enthusiasm, practical experience – and profits – will quickly follow. The online affiliate business is one of the few fields where ambitious self-starters could quickly earn high profits.

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